Software HMI VTScada Lite For Control Systems


This time I will share about the HMI VTScada Lite software. Last week I shared about how to connect the Arduino board with a PC via ethernet (TCP / IP), if you haven't read it, you can visit it here. What was HMI before? For some people, maybe they already understand very well what HMI is, especially those who often work / make tools related to HMI. HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an intermediary in the form of software either on a PC or mobile to interface between the microcontroller board and the device, both in the form of control, monitoring, and data storage (database). There are many HMI software that have been circulating that can make it easier for us to interface, but this opportunity I will share about the VTScada Lite HMI Software. VTScada is a software created by the Trihedral company. This software includes software that is very easy to use, why? yes, because in making HMI software we don't need to learn the language of the program, because the working system of VTScada uses a "tag" system or the cool language is "plug and play". Trihedral launched the VTScada software with 2 types, namely premium (paid) and Lite (free / free download). The difference is clear in the falisitas we get, with the Lite version we are only given a maximum of 50 tags, while for the premium version we are given unlimited tags. To learn it is better to use the Lite version, because in my opinion, with 50 tags we can use this software properly to create control or monitoring software.

This software certainly has advantages and disadvantages compared to other software in making HMIs. The following is the Daily programmer, summarizes some of the advantages and disadvantages of VTScada. The advantages of VTScada 1. Very Easy to Use As I have shared above, VTScada uses a "tag" system in its communication, for communication via ethernet it generally uses the modbus library. As an example for connection with Arduino we use the modbus driver and TCP / IP. So there is no need to bother coding in using this software. 2. Free This software is launched for free for the Lite version. The software can be downloaded directly on the Trihedral official website. 3. Complete enough facilities The facilities provided by this software are quite complete, from display to monitoring record, or in VTScada the term "history" is used. 4. Elegant and Suitable for Industry This software provides a display design that is quite elegant and even very good for industry standards, so we don't have to bother drawing and beautifying this software. 5. Multi Client Support VTScada provides a very tempting feature, namely multi client, for this industry it is very important. Disadvantages of VTScada 1. Not Flexible Obviously, because this software uses a "tag" system, we can't make / develop it according to our wishes, you could say everything is limited, because we can't add the code ourselves in this software. 2. Limited Tag For the Lite version we are only limited to 50 tags, so we have to be very clever about how to use tags. That's a little introduction to the HMI VTScada Lite software.